BannerBio, a world leading company with its headquarter in Shenzhen China, is dedicated to the analysis, identification, production and processing of bioactive ingredients derived from plants for use in the dietary supplement, functional food, beverage, personal care and cosmetics industries as well as supplying its terminal manufacturers with superior premix service.

Since its inception over 10 years ago, BannerBio which was established by the collaborative effort of several people has now grown into a thriving company with plantation base in China, two R&D centers and two manufacturing plants. Besides, BannerBio has set up long term stable relationship with raw material suppliers in Europe and Africa and distribution centers in North America. BannerBio's products are patent protected and enjoy high reputation home and abroad.

While developing the bioactive ingredients from the plants, BannerBio's R&D centers also actively cooperate with domestic and international universities and research institutions to carry out research into the mechanism of action deeply to discover its new function. The creation of BannerBio's unique microencapsulation technology referred to as "NanoEncaps®" provides international terminal manufacturers with a bioactive ingredient formulation which overcomes the traditional problems including instability, insolubility, reduced fluidity and bioavailability, all associated with decreased efficacy.

BannerBio's manufacturing facilities operates strictly under cGMP guidelines. BannerBio replaces traditional energy-consuming production process with energy-efficient methods and forms its unique technology“ActXTract®. BannerBio's manufacturing plants not only produces its own signature ingredients, but also provide customized services (i.e. OEM) to clients based on specific requirements.BannerBio set up two distribution centers in the United States: one at Los Angeles, California and the other at Edison, New Jersey. Our goal is to provide superior products as well as professional services to our customers.