Chinese New Generation Food E&I Exchange——Support Researchers into the Field of New protein

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On July 30, 2021, the" Chinese New Generation Food E&I Exchange", jointly launched by GFIC and Dao Foods International, was held at the FRANKE Kitchen Experience Space. The theme of this event is "Science and Technology Innovation" and "Entrepreneurship", trying to attract more scientific and technological talents for the new protein field and provide them with a platform to exchange ideas and resources.

Dr. Zhang Xi, general manager of BannerBio, was invited to attend and exchange views with academic research institutions and various parties in the industry.

会议开场及行业发展趋势介绍--上海.jpgTao Zhang, the founder of Dao Foods International, first made an opening message and introduced new international protein trends and domestic innovation opportunities.

Peiying Li, general manager of GFIC, introduced the importance of new protein as a future food development prospect and talent pool. She hopes that more young talents will become aware of sustainable protein production and be attracted to enter the new protein field.

The roundtable discussion was hosted by Ruoyu Wu, the entrepreneurial messenger of Dao Foods International . The guests included Dr. Zhang Xi, general manager of BannerBio, Zhenyu Zhu, founder of Shanghai Shishen Food Technology, and Dr. Huang Xiaojun, technical consultant of Shanghai Punoting Food Technology.


BannerBio has been providing high-quality food and dietary supplement raw materials and technical services for many nutritional supplement and food giant companies around the world for years. The company is unwilling to be confined to the positioning of a traditional raw material company, and reorganized the team to deepen the research and development of mycelial fermentation, making BannerBio the first domestic company to focus on fermented protein.


In the roadshow of innovative ideas, Dr. Zhang Bo from the Institute of Agricultural Products Processing of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences first brought a presentation with the theme of "Plant-based Imitation Meat Quality Solution Supply System—New Infrastructure and New Kinetic Energy for the Development of Alternative Protein Industry", and proposed to solve one of the current pain points in the plant meat industry---Systematic solutions for product texture.

Fei Fan from the State Key Laboratory of Bioreactor Engineering of East China University of Science and Technology, brought a roadshow of the Spirulina protein-based artificial meat project. And his tutor Li Yuanguang, the professor of the East China University of Science and Technology and the chief scientist of the 973 Program Energy Microalgae Energy Project also came to the site to support.

After the roadshow, the three students who participated in the roadshow of Entrepreneurship Innovation Ideas each received a prize of 5,000 yuan sponsored by Dao Foods International. Although the students' innovative projects have yet to be improved, their roadshows undoubtedly provide the audience with ideas to use technology-oriented solutions to deal with new protein problems.

After the meeting, the guests enjoyed the delicious plant-based lunch from Green Commons and 7030 Tanvec, while still discussing the hot spots of the industry enthusiastically. The relaxed atmosphere of eating and chatting eliminates the barriers between guests of different industries and backgrounds. There were not only business discussions, but also the collision of wisdoms.

合影--上海(1).jpg      Through this event, BannerBio is hoping to cooperate with more partners who are interested in technological innovation in the future to tap more interdisciplinary and cross-field talents to invest in this booming industry, overcoming more key technical difficulties of new protein one by one.


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